El Indice de Rendimiento Ambiental (EPI por sus siglas en inglés) de la Universidad de Yale está siendo mejorado y actualizado desde el 2014. Se ha publicado un mapa interactivo que permite enviar aportes para refinar y actualizar los datos relevantes tanto a ecosistemas como a salud.

Les dejamos aquí el vínculo en caso de que puedan contribuir si tienen la posibilidad: http://epi.yale.edu/waste_map

Aquí parte del mensaje original:

“We are asking you to check out your country — or any country you may be familiar with. Does the data and the score seem consistent with your experiences or your knowledge? Is it somehow incomplete? Do you think the data source is valid or problematic? Could you point us in the direction of better or more recent sources of data, or tell us how we can improve?

We want to hear from you! With your help, we can enhance our understanding of wastewater treatment efforts, an important part of encouraging sustainable development around the globe.

Sam J. Cohen
Research Assistant, Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy

Master of Environmental Management, 2016
Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
samuel.j.cohen@yale.edu | (847) 899-8161 “

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